Silent Spring

from by Agents of Change

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Here's something that you might not be able to fully process with your primate brain
Our mother earth is undergoing a pattern that is commonly referred to as climate change
Now I'm afraid the problem is bigger than the elite's private planes,
How can I explain other than first stating that god damnit motherlovers I'm ashamed

This process is highly complex involving a myriad of factors
#1 is our energy consumption that is steering us all towards imminent disaster
To say this in laymen's terms, the time's slipping so stay concerned, stay concerned
But understand that this race against the clock, as we go along the cascade effect will only get faster

Who was that, that said you do not need a weatherman to tell which way that the wind gone blow?
Well they were wrong, 'cuz the global scientific community says that that it's fo sho
With a wanton disregard for our planet we destroy our spaceship
Most of the old growth trees are gone clear cut, mass deforesation

Now this speeds up the process, we begin to witness occurances such as glaciers melting
Sorry that I'm faithless, keep praying, but I assure you that they'll be no saviors helping
We must rise in defense of earth, so all my people commence with work, let's exert energy,
To fight for the planet, 'cuz without that commitment there'll simply be no place for us left here

// Chorus //

Can you tell me who can flatten a mountain, then take a ancient forest & just mow it down?
Well the psychopaths controlling the global machine of death seem to be the ones who hold the crown
This development is nothing new, it happened to the people that were called the Anasazi
They made a forest to a desert, then they crashed & burned like kamikazi

There is another element of climate change that it seems many folks who oppose try to minimize
Globally carbon output is in fact so great that it makes the oceans acidify
This in turn disturbs methane pockets located pretty much right under the seabed
When these bubbles escape, it invariably leads to the pace of this process increasing

Overall, unburned methane is significantly worse for the atmosphere than carbon
Don't forget about devastation wrought by industrial agriculture, yes modern farming
See in order to mass produce food, they destroy ecologies with no hesitation
Gone is the biodiversity & the soil's capacity for carbon sequestration

Now this might be depressing, but that's why I'm stressing that the place is here & the time is now
For deliberate action against belligerent fascists, yeah I think you should try this out
& a word of advice, there's rarely a king who has been talked off throne
We need to move now, we need to act, before we destroy our home

// Chorus //

Sick of being getting poisoned and raped, sitting on a cliffside, poised on the brink
Covered up scars, anointed with ink, sings of the thrill of the jump, the joy of the fling
At this point would you think "Girl don't do it!", but boy would you bring
Out the guns if I told you this lovely lady was our mother earth and her illness is a product of the choices we make


from How You Gon' Wait?, released December 25, 2013




Agents of Change Chicago, Illinois

Formed in 2005, Agents of Change has charted a course of their own by blending hip-hop, politics, and a DIY punk ethos. The message behind the music has always been simple: educate yourself, challenge authority, demolish injustice and try to have some fun in the process. ... more

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