How You Gon' Wait?

by Agents of Change

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released December 25, 2013

Drums/Percussion: Mike Murda
Bass/Programming: John E. Thunder
Guitar/Keys: Adam Weidner
Vocals: Brian Buzzkill
Turntables: DJ Sgnik

Tracks 1 and 6 feature Mike Napoli on additional guitar
Track 5 features Matt Taylor on trumpet

Recorded at Studio Chicago
Mixed by John Eichem
Produced by John Eichem and Agents of Change
Cover art by OhNo!Doom design collective (
Copyleft 2013




Agents of Change Chicago, Illinois

Formed in 2005, Agents of Change has charted a course of their own by blending hip-hop, politics, and a DIY punk ethos. The message behind the music has always been simple: educate yourself, challenge authority, demolish injustice and try to have some fun in the process. ... more

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Track Name: Destroy
No rest in the midwest, no peace in the middle east
An empire of bases all around the globe, & it seems like the bombs never finna cease
More kids dead, more money for bullets than books,
Then treat you like shit because you couldn't read
Worst of all is that they convinced you, you shouldn't dream
Before you take that from me you'll have to throw me in a guillotine

That's half the reason people let the bullets free
& I don't blame 'em, but start aiming at the 1% it's killing me
[We] need unite and fight against the real disease,
Buzzkill, a real MC, revolutionary love and respect goes out to Fred Hampton,
The dead Panther, who's rad answers for society's problems,
Earned him a red matress

// Chorus //
Destroy what destroy what destroy what destroys you

Take a look around yourself, ask yourself what have we become?
When every magazine and music video got a skinny girl dancing in bikinis, whaaa?
What happened to the discourse? Pitchfork - well I guess maybe we just dumb
But I refuse to believe that everybody buys the bullshit just 'cuz it seems more fun

We gonna drop knowledge, know that we're gonna do it in a way that will teach more young
While the radio is gonna dumb ya down to increase their funds, and grease more palms
We gotta stop all this, yeah, from the music biz the the seats of the gov
He who has the gold, makes the rules, no debate there, how do you say? yeah the system is fucked

// Chorus //

Destroy what destroys you, unleash the beast that lives deep inside
They poison the soil, the water, the air everything we need to survive
Your choice is turmoil, for the kids or let everything rot,
Destroy what destroy what destroys

// Chorus
Track Name: Robin Hood x John Brown
There ain't no middle ground, everything is partisan
The personal's political, you gotta have the hardest skin
Sabotage the billboard, deface the magazine
Dispel the illusion, they selling you a fantasy
I'm telling you it's maddening, I'm about to pop off
A clip at all these pop stars, probably I'll get locked up
Yeah he's got a mouth on him, every fuckin' surface got a spot on it
For an ad, oblivion is not far (not far)
Brain death, brain matter, grey matter, splattered on the rocks, God
What a waste, no matter, blame it on a hot dog
Watch where you walk dog
Standing on the lip of the volcano playing hop scotch
Yeah this shit is perilous, America,
The place where if you're Arab you're a terrorist
Black, brown, and even poor folks with the fairest skin
Are food for the carrion, yes the scene is very grim
Basically you fucked unless you're very rich

// Chorus //

Robin Hood, John Brown
Fight back, right now!

Buzzkill on some John Brown shit,
Ski masks & heaters goin' pow pow click
How about now it's, simply time to get wicked
Yeah this whole fucking system needs a round house kick
Slavery is alive if you look for it
But you ain't gonna find it for sure if you ignore it
Y'all only see the twigs it's a big forest
Behind all your new gear there's some kids warring
There's some kids slaving, man this shit's crazy
All these corporations they just wanna get paid see
They don't really care if the land is trashed
As long as rich people get their gadgets fast
Make's a cracker wanna go grab his ratchet blast back
& reload, ampersand stand back & laugh
Buzz killer warpath can't hack my math
Record labels scam, push hazard to a fragile mass

// Chorus //

Steal from the rich, give to the poor
Break your chain, kill your master
Track Name: Hideous
Hideous, that's my description of a system
That awards humanoids solely based on their lineage
Insidious, the methods that's employed this system
So vicious, money for the banks & not for the city kids
Unreal images of prettiness
My home girls gone smash it all to itty bits
I pass them a hammer, & a spliff full of sticky shit
The damage so glam, no question if they hit or miss
Yes, we're in a predicament
It's gonna be a challenge to reverse the conditioning
A history of lies, yes I heard the equivalent
Now grown up I've learned to subvert the official script
Yup, but I'm one out of billions
And most of us are acting like some god damn idiots
The rich and powerful always acting mad villainous
This lesson isn't one you're gonna find in the syllabus

// Chorus //

All I see, all I see is hideous

Lanternicus, you heard of this merciless personage
Disperse with the superfluous with a burst of my verse
Eclipse your bright day, with a slight grey
Type A with a circle, might play in the rain, write page after page
A faster chapter crafter with a knack to cast a flame
On shade where y'all cats might graze
On the cud of complacency, I nudge you impatiently
To come through and wake up please, I won't ask twice
Speak softly, they can hear us, I've got bugs in my skin
Unplugged from the thugs, but I shrug and I grin
Tug of war of the worlds, my rugged torrent unfurls
When I slung my no so subtle syllabic sword at your pearls
Fuck the nicest of amenities,
It seems our culture has a crisis of identity,
I'm getting ready for the fight that is ahead of me,
Getting read for the fight that is ahead of me
This shit is fucking hideous

// Chorus //
Track Name: Agency
I'm a deviant, kinda like my septum
Y'all black & white, while I'm the fuckin' spectrum
The rich take the cake, while leaving us some bread crumbs
Heads up, it's time to take the bakery and then some
Because elections, they ain't improving the conditions
Of the people, I ain't waiting for the next one to work for change
We finna get some, hell yeah!
We need educate, organize and build connections
Mainstream hip-hop is only pushing sex, drugs and violence
Def Jam will probably leave you deaf, dumb, and blind
To reality, don't forget that lesson
No rubber bullets here, Lantern with the lead tongue
And if you feeling down, with your head hung low
And you can't fucking sleep 'cuz the bed bugs
Well the news calls 'em riots, I call 'em insurrections
Hey America, let's get sprung

// Chorus //

Free from our cages
Free from our landlords
Free from our bosses
Free from our wages and chains
Let's leave those for the days of the slaves
'Cuz we can all be agents of change!

We about something, most of y'all ain't 'bout nothing
Proof you ain't gotta dumb it down to keep the crowd jumping
With them sounds pumping, all up in the clouds puffing
Probably saying "fuck this crew" 'cuz you doubt substance
I don't blame you, the Chi is where we love to hate
Segregated as hell, cameras in every public place
Warriors outnumber those damn blue piglets
And I'm over here busting on some "Can you dig it?"
I'm less like Eminem and more like Chomsky
Except I drop my fucking communiques over bomb beats
Yeah so let's get free, so let's get free

// Chorus //
Track Name: The Next Catastrophe
I see the sun rise & set across the scraped sky
Fear's in my future, yeah I guess it's time to face mine
Sometimes all you need is the kick snare and bassline
And all your insecurities will melt like the glaciers the daytime
For every dope sneak that ever graced the blacktop
There's been somebody slaving, the haves require have nots
& all your favorite rappers has been the fuckin' mascots
But you heard it first from us, this right here's the last stop
My hope is to make this sentiment heard through spacetime
Before your heart get's cold, still it breaks mine
Collision is imminent, I advise you to brace minds
For the years to come do not look sunny, yeah I heard it through the grape vine
That was cleared to make way for the cash crops
Cotton, rubber, sugar, coffee, I'm about to blast off
For real, lick shots, my optimist's compromised
Brown's about to change his first name to John & pop some guys
Pow bang, bang, our problems will still burn inside
Often it seems that our oppression has been internalized
The earth screams, and slaves weep, I heard the cries
Struggle/grind, while we all wait our turn to die
It's funny, I heard money is the root of all evil
But who made that, joe? yeah the truth is all people
Have the potentiality for bad, and good,
That's not even, news to you, but I think that it should be
And damnit Kanye, why'd you stop with George Bush?
The whole system's fucked, we need a large push
In a new way, yeah oughta switch directions
Local organizing mixed with insurrection
To hopefully topple the pyramid scheme
'cuz honestly I'm getting sick of hearing kids scream
& I have to speak, even if they kill or capture me
I can't just wait for the next catastrophe

How you gon' wait?
Track Name: Silent Spring
Here's something that you might not be able to fully process with your primate brain
Our mother earth is undergoing a pattern that is commonly referred to as climate change
Now I'm afraid the problem is bigger than the elite's private planes,
How can I explain other than first stating that god damnit motherlovers I'm ashamed

This process is highly complex involving a myriad of factors
#1 is our energy consumption that is steering us all towards imminent disaster
To say this in laymen's terms, the time's slipping so stay concerned, stay concerned
But understand that this race against the clock, as we go along the cascade effect will only get faster

Who was that, that said you do not need a weatherman to tell which way that the wind gone blow?
Well they were wrong, 'cuz the global scientific community says that that it's fo sho
With a wanton disregard for our planet we destroy our spaceship
Most of the old growth trees are gone clear cut, mass deforesation

Now this speeds up the process, we begin to witness occurances such as glaciers melting
Sorry that I'm faithless, keep praying, but I assure you that they'll be no saviors helping
We must rise in defense of earth, so all my people commence with work, let's exert energy,
To fight for the planet, 'cuz without that commitment there'll simply be no place for us left here

// Chorus //

Can you tell me who can flatten a mountain, then take a ancient forest & just mow it down?
Well the psychopaths controlling the global machine of death seem to be the ones who hold the crown
This development is nothing new, it happened to the people that were called the Anasazi
They made a forest to a desert, then they crashed & burned like kamikazi

There is another element of climate change that it seems many folks who oppose try to minimize
Globally carbon output is in fact so great that it makes the oceans acidify
This in turn disturbs methane pockets located pretty much right under the seabed
When these bubbles escape, it invariably leads to the pace of this process increasing

Overall, unburned methane is significantly worse for the atmosphere than carbon
Don't forget about devastation wrought by industrial agriculture, yes modern farming
See in order to mass produce food, they destroy ecologies with no hesitation
Gone is the biodiversity & the soil's capacity for carbon sequestration

Now this might be depressing, but that's why I'm stressing that the place is here & the time is now
For deliberate action against belligerent fascists, yeah I think you should try this out
& a word of advice, there's rarely a king who has been talked off throne
We need to move now, we need to act, before we destroy our home

// Chorus //

Sick of being getting poisoned and raped, sitting on a cliffside, poised on the brink
Covered up scars, anointed with ink, sings of the thrill of the jump, the joy of the fling
At this point would you think "Girl don't do it!", but boy would you bring
Out the guns if I told you this lovely lady was our mother earth and her illness is a product of the choices we make
Track Name: Life's Short (Too Damn Ska/Dub Soundsystem Bootleg)
Life’s short, most too busy they’ll live it later
But a sunrise ain’t the same hooked up to a respirator
Un-plus the escalator, walk like you was made to
Not for peace of mind, but just to prove you ain’t afraid to
Even if you paid dues, even if you made news
No matter if you pray to the father, God or Jesus
Stay loose, & let the rythm unite us
Stay true, to them visions we have inside us
We might just learn that the tide does turn
You will find the sublime in due time, concern
Yourself with inner goals, not just at certain intervals
Progression as individuals is integral, but…
I know we’re all different
But really we’re all the same
It’s lame how division
Comes between brothers, stop the charade
I hate it how it’s mano e mano
Everything’s just a sport
But if I’ve learned anything it’s
Life’s too damn short

// Chorus //

Too damn short

So make the best of it,
cuz ‘for you get a chance to question it
your friends & fam are looking through
your last will & testament
Try not to waste ya time
Depressed at all the steps you missed,
Check ya wrist,
You already let two minutes & thirty seconds slip
Death is definite, Best to learn dat lesson quick
Get a grip, Realize that every breath’s a gift
Ya got a girl, fo sho man, caress your chick
Hey, you got a gang, go on reprezent your clique!
You gotta fight? Make sure that you connect the hits
Graf-writer? Here’s a can, tag the edifice
Your life’s done, your life’s done?
what does the contestant win?