Buzzkill Mixtape

by Agents of Change

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Over an hour worth of radical political hip-hop from the windy city! 20 tracks of anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-racist revolutionary tunes to get the fires burning.


released November 25, 2011

Lyrics by Brian Buzzkill aka Lantern except for
Track 3 Lyrics by Brian Buzzkill aka Lantern and Mary Mad
Track 9 Lyrics by Brian Buzzkill aka Lantern and Phillip Morris
Track 17 Lyrics by Brian Buzzkill aka Lantern and Bob Rok

Engineering/Mastering/Cuts by DJ Sgnik
Live Drums on tracks 6, 9, 10 by Mike Murda
Remixing on tracks 8, 10, and 18 by Johnny Thunder




Agents of Change Chicago, Illinois

Formed in 2005, Agents of Change has charted a course of their own by blending hip-hop, politics, and a DIY punk ethos. The message behind the music has always been simple: educate yourself, challenge authority, demolish injustice and try to have some fun in the process. ... more

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Track Name: Challenge Yourself
I know you kick your flows about your fashion so fresh
Boy I'm about to take you down a notch, so fasten yo belts
Cuz the story about your clothes, and everything else
Is one that might make you challenge yourself

You see, let start in Uzbekistan, with forced child slaves, picking cotton
How much are they paid? can you guess oh I bet you can
Yeah, less than a dollar a day,
Their impoverished to say the least of it,

Then this cotton get's shipped off to factories in China
Where independent human rights estimates suggest there's 6.5 -
7 million people in prison labor camps
The free market ain't so free when you put it to the magnifying glass,

After the textiles are processed in southeast Asia
They are assembled by teenagers
Mostly females Latinas in maquiladoras
Backed up by regimes like the one in Honduras

Then shipped, and sold through a clerk at a register
Who's paid like shit, wants to merc every customer
Pay dues to a union that colludes with the boss
Workers getting screwed from the from the dudes on the top

Yo you kick flows about how you're eating so well
But I'm about to take you down a notch, so fasten yo belts
Cuz the story about your food, and everything else
Is one that might make you challenge yourself

My hopes are hard that the next time you eating chocolate,
You'll think about the slaves picking cocoa in Cote d'Voire
Or the mechanically separated animals, shown no regard
Or the workers at the meat factories, missing toes and arms

Or those who starve because more food is grown on farms to
Feed animals for meat and dairy products, when did we go so far?
It's so bizarre, monocrops grown in petroleum soup
The top soil can only erode so far

Before you just can't grow food, and it's crazy 'cuz we waste so much
Throw out billions of tons of food annually, yeah this case closed shut
It's our duty to build in this GMO wasteland
So the next time you at the store, here's some ish you can say such as

Tell 'em 'bout the slavery in the cocoa, the brutality in the beef
the imperialism of the banana, and the fallacy of the feast
Point out that the current system's unsustainable
Especially when the rich throwing out plate's that's full

I heard about how you got the fattest dope cell
But I'm about to take you down a notch, so fasten yo belts
'Cuz the story about your gear, and everything else
Is one that might make you challenge yourself

Let's start with a gun in a child's hand
Pointed at another child, diggin in the sand like a wild man
Mining for coltan in the Congo
It's needed for your iPod so there ain't nothing wrong though

The coltan is broke into columbite and tantalite
And snuck out the country so no one can track it right
Tantalite's essential to your cellphones and laptops
And the country with the most of it is a hell hole with have nots

Materials converted to components up in sweatshops
Filled toxic chemicals, like fumes produced when lead's hot
Causing birth defects, and many other illnesses
But these are poor people so the media just filters it

And again after all this murder, rape, and bloodshed
It's all just thrown away, and the perp is safe at sunset
And the path ahead will get darker unless the unrest
Is channeled towards a future where we all can feel the success

So I heard about how your living so well
But I'm about to take you down a notch, you can go to hell
'Cuz the story about your life, and everything else
Is one that might make you challenge yourself

So I heard about how your living so well
But I'm about to take you down a notch, you can go to hell
'Cuz the story about your life, and everything else
Is one that makes me want to damage your health, say word
Track Name: Solidarity Without Borders feat. Mary Mad
I see the sun rise & set across the scraped sky
Fears for the future, yeah I guess it's time to face mine
Sometimes all you need is the kick snare and bassline
And all your worries melt like the glaciers the daytime

For every dope sneaker that ever graced the blacktop
There's been someone slaving, the haves require have nots
& all your favorite rappers has been the fuckin' mascots
But you heard it first from us, this right here's the last stop

My hope is to make this sentiment heard through spacetime
Before your heart's cold, but still it breaks mine
Collision is imminent, I advise you to brace minds
For the years to come do not look sunny, yeah I heard it through the grape vine

That was cleared to make way for the cash crops
Cotton, rubber, sugar, coffee, I'm about to blast off
For real, lick shots, 'cuz my optimist's compromised
Brown's about to change his first name to John & pop some guys

Pow bang, bang, and the problems will still burn inside
Often it seems that our oppression has been internalized
The earth screams, and slaves weep, I heard the cries
Struggle/grind, while we all wait our turn to die

It's funny, I heard money is the root of all evil
But who made that, joe? yeah the truth is all people
Have the potentiality for bad, and good,
That's not even, news to you, but I think that it should be

And damnit kanye, why'd you stop with George Bush?
The whole system's fucked, we need a large push
In a new way, yeah oughta switch directions
Local organizing mixed with insurrection

To hopefully topple the pyramid scheme
'cuz honestly I'm getting sick of hearing kids scream
& I have to speak, even if they kill or capture me
I can't just wait for the next catastrophe

& I always find, always find something wrong
We;ve been putting up with this shit for way to long
I'm so gifted at finding what I don't like the most
So I think it's time for us have a toast

Let's have a toast for the people (douchebags)
Let's have a toast for the prisoners (assholes)
A toast for the revolutionaries (scumbags)
Everyone of them at I know
So let's have a toast for the workers
The people never getting work off
Baby I got a plan

[Mary Mad]

I got a complex like the prison and military
Order of the new world instructively carried out
To the out sourced pandemic killing our mother earth
Who gave birth to the people, as some chose evil

& let the power destroy equals, the eagle consumes
The root of our existence, only living for self
Create a feel for resistance to empathy mixed with compassion
Complacency, with no need for retro action

Fooled by, the ideology of to conquer is to divide
Seperated by invisible ties, many are marginalized
Shackled by history's chains by a power system
Passing on the reins, containing, but not on top of the control

People's commodities can be bought or sold
Now in the new light, we need to start a militant fight
& focus on the paralells, deconstruct down to cells
Not dwelling on our identities,

Yeah we all have the capacity to use our experiences tactically
Actually fight against apathy, action on behalf of humanity
Interconnect the struggles, yeah it's a worldwide hustle
Realizing the biggest situation, of capitalism's weapon of globalization

React and resist domination that takes on any form
From patriarchy's prescribed gender norms
To resources raided resulting in lands torn
To silence surrounding sexual violence to walls built by tyrants

We'll create an alliance in defiance
See more than one dimesional vision
Stand up in opposition to neo-colonialism

Track Name: Drop Knowledge
We plan to perservere, hell yeah we made it through the first five years
But still it hurts my ears, most of what I come across on the radio is worthless, chea
Now my temper's blowing - our ability to see another world is hella broken,
& it don't help when we wake up each day now to see that our dilemma's swollen

Fists up for Emma Goldman, she fought to keep those embers smoldering
I'm forever holding the struggle in my heart, I'm prepped & loaded, why just
Watch cancer metastasize? hey punk, don't let this life pass you by
Say what? did you really wanna test this guy? Stay up to my people in the pen this fight

Ain't over til the cows come home, and the slaves get free and the towers fold
And flowers grow in the shell, how can we hold?
such a dream in the palm of our the hand, we must talk with people, get involved with the land
Understand, to evolve we must all come to task, or life on the planet might crawl to a stand-still

The world's not your landfill
And I'll be damned if
We're just gonna sit back and watch it all burn
Yeah we can't just

Yeah I'm a pick this knowledge up and
I'm gon' drop it on your fuckin' head
Yeah I'm a pick this knowledge up and
I'm gon' drop it on your fuckin' head
Millions die malnourished motherlover
At the same time we kill earth motherlover
It's on
Motherfucker, It's on

From the depths of my chromosomes I desire a world, Without all this bullshit, I'm on overload
I ain't sorry that I'm pissed , b-b-b-b-b-buzz killa, man I told ya so
I guess that's why I'm home alone, no companion, it's fine I can hold my own
Defiant David throwing stones at go-liath, don't just stay comatose

Feeling so low on a lonely road, solo - at least I haven't sold my soul
Boldly go where no homo sapien or otherwise has roamed before
Hold it joe? Did I say no homo? fuck the homophobes!
This is poem is an opus was wrote for proles & all precarious workers and homeless folks

DJs wanna play the hits so the radio station rotation lists
Talk about love or relationships or getting wasted in clubs and degrading chicks
& they won't play the joints tellin' you to raise a fist cuz you might wanna change the script
Advertisers might stay away from it, like "so who's gonna pay for this?"

See it's not about the music to the people in the cockpit, it's about the f'n money, & the power & the profits
& the sooner you're hip the the jive, the sooner we can start to work together here to stop this
I'm watching the options diminish, but I won't drop til the finish, the clock and it's minutes
Keeps going, p-p-provacative agents, buzzkilla/buzzkilla, ok I'll be the menace

Track Name: Heart Full of Rage
Fuck money, I say that with sincerity
It's toxic to the spirit & propagates disparity
Those who work the hardest often times can barely eat
While the rich, who rarely work at all, are guarded from this scarcity

Freedom, freedom, freedom, this feeling is so rare and sweet
I'm hoping y'all can hear me, so I'm speaking out with clarity
With the oppressed worldwide I stand in solidarity
We gotta work together, this is not charity

I got mad love for the creatures of the air & sea
But always on the prowl for a wolf that be wearing sheep
Yeah they call me Lantern, but my fuel is not the everyday
I got a heart full of rage, not kerosene

Music is a weapon, drug, and a therapy
Use it when I die, in your heart you should carry me
Don't get too comfortable, always be prepared to leave
& this one goes out to everybody who ain't scared to scream

Born with a heart full of rage

I got a heart full of rage so they label me a heretic
There's a fine line between the hero and the terrorist
I know that statement prolly gone sound un-American
& that's 'cuz it is, this country's an embarrassment

Love it or leave it, fuck that shit I ain't hearing it
The banks just got keys to the country out the dealership
The war machine grinds on for oil, coke and heroin
While wealth distribution be resembling a pyramid

That means most people do not have a fair share in it
Born into a system that teaches you to wear a grin
But fuck that! We gon' do the opposite of stare & sit
Organized resistance is our primary imperative

Fighting for the planet, yes it's true that's the narrative
Our heritage, it is just the work we inherited
But I'll tell ya, our kids (our kids) gone be very pissed
If things are like this (are like this) they'll be born with a heart full of rage


Rage and love work together in a strange way
Freedom is a state of mind, like singing with the chain gang
If rage is in your heart, then we prolly spit the same slang
Again it's Lantern that be written on the nametag

Stirring up shit, we going to create waves
Monocrop hell will make a desert out the great plains
Fuck those punks, I gladly will display rage
Just know I got a movement that will back me up in the melee

I ain't here to fuckin' play games
I do not pray put away your King James
When I flow is when I sing praise
To your illusions I will bring flames

I'm the gray matter to your ying yang
Lantern hotter than the big bang/I got Bumbaata in the think tank
Brian got a little bit of knowledge in his thick brains,
Action is what's goin make change, take aim

Track Name: Sleep with One Eye Open
Stay strapped! Fuck the government, and everyone who hates that
Can get the hell out my face, like ASAP I don't wanna hear your bullshit, stay back - way back
& Fuck the rich, 'cuz they probably made that money from a slave's back
Y'all better be expecting payback, blah! blah! I wonder if they heard me say that?

This life is a cage match you see there's no holds barred,
But you better be expecting the same back yeah let's go roll those cars
'Cuz a motherlover is running out of patience about to get a gat & spray caps
At every sexist & racist, queer bashing motherlover, [I] got a bullet for your snake ass

My flag remains black, fuck the mega corporations, their insane pact
With the devil has us all upon the same path to annihilation planetwide, no cracka, homie don't play dat,
Trying to find the solution, like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack,
Like I'm colorblind trying to make stained glass, what we need is revolution!

Plain wrath unleashed by the people taking aim at
The whole structure of oppression at it's foundations with a force that's similar to when two tectonic plates crash
Now I may slap the grin off your face cuz I'm way mad
& the only way I know how to change that is a message in a bottle with a fuse lit going bang, blow!

I'm letting you know that I am on my way
(watch out!) Sleep with one eye open
I'm letting you know that I am on my way
(watch out!) Sleep with one eye open

You see my main task is make sure y'all don't stay pass-ive,
Wake up, motherlovers hey asshole, no half steppers here, yeah you're not gone change that,
There ain't no day pass in the movement you're not getting paid cash
Just a faint chance that we avert apocalypse, so instead of just working on stagecraft,

Like if you gon break dance, teach others to use their body as a weapon
Of if you dig crates of wax, you can spin hip-hop that's anti-sexist
Every time that you out spray graff, you can hopefully teach somebody a lesson
If you're like me, you slay raps, you make sure to rock and kick that fresh shit

No matter what it takes, if I end up in a cage, I have no illusions
If I'm splattered with a gauge, the pattern is the same, we've been sold delusions
I saw capital & state, in a matrimony, hey, no doubt the coldest fusion
Soul shattered out of rage, if we're ever gonna change, we need a bold solution

We must know that that dissent is the only sane path
The forces that we now face are tenacious
Why you sleeping? there's no time to lay back
Oh yeah I forgot, it's about time I say that

Track Name: Why Rule the World?
We're some partisan artisans who ain't waiting for the trickle down
With emphasis on the TRICK, it's so sick how they figured out
How to sell the workers the value of their labor back to them
Which is why you should consider revolt as part of your daily acumen

The presence of a president gives me hives, where's the Cortizone?
Backroom high fives, while they bolster up war at home
Militarized police, high schools get privatized
Social death completes with a globe that clocks in 9 to 5

Corporate sponsored lies propagated through the blackboard
Take back your schools, no class but class war!
No standardized test left behind, that's word
& word is bond, it's time to learn solidarity, the crash course

Why rule the world? here's a silver bullet for the oligarchs
Here's a stake and hammer, now go ahead and drive it through the coldest heart
Defiance, I hurled through the window explodes to shards
Fuck the ballot, here's my vote, you'll see me on the boulevard
Track Name: Crystallize
AOC bringing realness back
A real patriotic mothafucka would call to repeal the act
Government Officials conceal the facts
Lantern, "who's that?", here to steal the track

Started off as a punk kid rapping my poems,
& now I got the FBI tapping my phones
Put your fists up, I want the clapping the cease
Keep 'em raised for everybody trapped in the beast

You see the revolution's booming, I surmise that it might burst
And all it's gonna take is a mic and a hype verse
Y'all can call me idealistic and naive
But check this, y'all gonna miss me when I leave

AOC spot a party we gon' crash in it
Starts placid with everybody mad timid
We start mashing, now everybody's passionate
We them type of cats to turn them true beleivers into mad cynics!

I can't make it clear, I'll try to make it crystallized
Nobody's perfect, each of us has a list of lies,
Now that's demystified Y'all can kiss goodbye
Any preconceived notions, you might have of this design

In a world ruled by capital gains, how can one make a actual change?
I'm here to wake y'all with factual slang
They got you working as contractual slaves
Those who speak out blasted away

Like, poof! they redacted the page
Meaning they blacked out the names
Removed from history, a mystery, consisting of a distant dream
A faint echo, maybe a ghost or deja vu
Do re me fa so la - Ti, Fela Ku

And I can hear the screams hidden in silence
And I can see the screens ridden with violence
We bit the forbidden fruit, and let loose the venom inside us
Don't care how, just get the denim supplies up

We're American dreaming,
Like as if someone had enough dough to convince us
That the air isn't for breathing,so I share a vision for leaving
The cave man behind, it's time, stay sharp, start preparing this evening
Track Name: I Just Wanna Riot feat. Phillip Morris
This your chance, for change,
every single second on the you spend could be your last, so hey
Re-consider this minute, and choose a humble path to blaze,
Break free from the system of domination, smash the chains, combat the hate
Liberate! Remove the shackles from your hands and brains

Upon the moutaintop I had a chance to gaze
At the horizon and, yes, you bet the glance has stayed with me
Cuz I saw a future with no class or caste
No privledge based on sexuality, gender, cash or race

We must organize if we want more than to grasp or taste
This brighter day, yes because the brutal fact remains
That the corporate elite and the politicians stand to gain
Far too much from a world of masquerades

Upon this realization, my task became
Right then to build resistance, right then to pass the flame
No not like the olympics, more like a masked brigade
At the palace ready crash the gates

I just want to riot
We just wanna riot

Tear gas in the air
Fuck the police state's fear (fear! fear!
Aww don't be scared, say it

I just wanna riot

We need act for change on every front of oppression, this war we have to wage
Or at least I am gonna 'til the day, no the second my casket lays
Six feet under, but if you want to see me dead, you're gone have to wait
And when I do pass, that's more fuel to the fire that they can't contain

Cuz chances are I'll get locked or they'll assassinate
Me, but that's why we're here to clash and rage
Against the machine that plans to take our planet make our grandest plains
Sand and waste if we do not make a stand today, x

There's not gonna be a tomorrow, don't just act sedate
The whole globe could easily be a massive grave
Somehow we need to activate other captive slaves agitate
get 'em mad to say it's about time we crack the safe

you can call me crazy, well I am insane
But can you blame a combination of acid rain, aspartame, fashion pages
But I plan to shine, you can either bask in rays
Or join this ish and realize


[Phillip Morris}
Your killing my buzz with all this politics...

So how the fuck can Phillip Mo retain his faith in the system
This euphemistic, when the slave camps are labeled as prisons
And when the information that's given is tainted and twisted
By the heartless, they target educated decisions like marksmen

So we're raising arms fists and picket signs to match
& fight for human rights, we carry lanterns with a mic attached
Focus groups began with advertising,
Then it got involved within the dollars spent on politics, is that surprising?

Your campaign is a fucking commercial, I'm not fooled
You got strings attached to your back and it's not cool
These monsters have murdered the landscape
And proceed to blow her top off, a damn shame

The recipe is seasoned, but I swear you motherfuckers shouldn't grab a plate
Although it's harder to swallow I would rather taste
The truth is the rawest food, pursue effective revolution
There is need to procrastinate

Track Name: Clash
It's seems like most other rappers just in it for the bidness
Or spitting game to shorties trying to get upon some digits
I'm like fuck the system, revolution, come get with it
They was calling me a felon, well I got acquitted,

The system always tryin sending me to prison,
First the RNC now, again up over this shit
I guess I really shouldn't get into specifics
Even though it's said & done, I'm still like fuck the olympics,

I'm still like fuck the olympics,
That goes to my codefendants and all of those who in resistance
Well not those who just vote and petition their politicians
It's just a waste of time, those punks aren't gonna listen,

But that's no cause for the people to act indifferent
We can make it better, we just have to build the interest
'Cuz they would rather have you apathetic & submissive
Than joining up with organized, militant opposition

Clash! (x4)

Laugh til I break - as for today - packing a blade - passionate knaves - hackin away
Assimilate - that's a disgrace - crafting a play - the world's our stage
We're all actors engaged - casted away, floating on a raft in the waves trapped in a daze,
Do not capitulate, capture the day, so long captain and mate,

Master, eat my answer today, no chat or debate, no maxin or breaks,
Hold fast on the shakes, so sad for the glazed - look in your eyes (x3)
Smashing the state - capping the trade-rs blasting the face of the bastards at banks
Disaster they brang is a cancerous fate & it's coming at a fastening pace

You see what happened today - passing the flame [In the] back of your brain scratching my name,
dance in the rain, fasting on thanks-giving cuz I could really give a fuck about reenacting a fake
Version of past, just to get fat and sedate, ass sitting/face plastered to rays passed from a cathode display,
yeah, I'm trashing the place, I beginning to understand why motherlovers go crashing a plane

Facilitate actions for change, don't just passively wait, practice & train, cold rush,
That's in the veins, & that's what I'm saying, hold up, we passed up the place, fashionbly late so what?
So what? after the chase, rapture embrace, cancel the date, your love
songs sound boring after lantern is done fucking up the track, I got this shit sewed up

Track Name: Recognize
While the oceans acidify,
We collectively ghost ride the whip into a coal burning pit of fire,
No survivors identified,
The perpetrators hardly penalized, killing earth, call it ecocide

Turn the Great Plains to a desert
If it get's ya more cheddar then it don't get more better
For the banks, the bosses, the politicians
The companies who profit from all these f'n

Industries, yeah I'm calling it a
Grave disease - yeah we're facing several
Matrices of oppression, regression, and exploitation,
Well it doesn't takes brains to see

The system that exists is predicated all upon slavery
Straight from A to Z
If you really wanna change this scene,
We gotta think creatively, applying bravery

Laws a things of the past, relinquished to ash
The rawness, I'm bringing it back, spring into action
Call this a string of attacks on the pigs & the fasc
Let all this sink in and I'm gonna sing til the crackin' of dawn

Corporations using rappers as pawns
Instead of messengers they're actors with a vernacular form
Our mission; attack as a swarm
The institutions that uphold class division, can't put my back to the storm

Things are too fucked up now to waste time wondering
How we gonna fix it all, the answers are in front of ya
Direct action, organization of the grassroots
Fuck the state, eat the rich, erase the borders, that's truth

It's time to recognize
If you're not oppressed today, well you're probably next in line

It's time to recognize
Start to question lies, and I will say this for a second time

It's time to recognize
I don't know about your life, but money's sure made a mess of mine

It's time to recognize
Women are objectified, portrayed as submissive or highly sexualized

Recognize, I wish that it was set alight,
Burn that ish down, now don't get arrested alright?
The poor sentenced to die animals dissected alive
If we want revolution, we need to see the intersections a'ight?

I'm just a reflection of light intercepted through sight,
On a ball of dirt that's connected to the inception of life
As we know it, the sun, it ain't just glowing for fun,
You're probably sayin' hold it there son

We while could all use some empathy and love,
But our addiction to this life is like dependency to drugs
And if some poor mother lovers start emptying they guns
At the gentry from the mezzanine above, my tendency's to shrug

I overheard the plan their gonna bury me alive,
Oh well, soon I'll have my own chariot to ride
Through the sun, to most that's probably scary shit to hype
But I'm not gonna cherry pick my rhymes

It's ebb and flow, my rebel soul will forever hold the struggle in my heart
It's ebb and flow, my rebel soul will forever hold the struggle in my heart

Track Name: Silent Spring
Here's something that you might not be able to fully process with your primate brain
Our mother earth is undergoing a pattern that is commonly referred to as climate change
Now I'm afraid the problem is bigger than the elite's private planes,
How can I explain other than first stating that god damnit motherlovers I'm ashamed

This process is highly complex involving a myriad of factors
#1 is our energy consumption that is steering us all towards imminent disaster
To say this in laymen's terms, the time's slipping so stay concerned, stay concerned
But understand that this race against the clock, as we go along the cascade effect will only get faster

Who was that, that said you do not need a weatherman to tell which way that the wind gone blow?
Well they were wrong, 'cuz the global scientific community says that that it's fo sho
With a wanton disregard for our planet we destroy our spaceship
Most of the old growth trees are gone clear cut, mass deforesation

Now this speeds up the process, we begin to witness occurances such as glaciers melting
Sorry that I'm faithless, keep praying, but I assure you that they'll be no saviors helping
We must rise in defense of earth, so all my people commence with work, let's exert energy,
To fight for the planet, 'cuz without that commitment there'll simply be no place for us left here

Sick of being getting poisoned and raped
She's sitting on a cliffside, poised on the brink
Covered up scars, anointed with ink, sings of
the thrill of the jump, the joy of the fling

at this point would you think
"Girl don't do it!", but boy would you bring
Out the guns if I told you this lovely lady
Was our mother earth and her illness is a product of the choices we make

Can you tell me who can flatten a mountain, then take a ancient forest & just mow it down?
Well the psychopaths controlling the global machine of death seem to be the ones who hold the crown
This development is nothing new, it happened to the people that were called the Anasazi
They made a forest to a desert, then they crashed & burned like kamikazi

There is another element of climate change that it seems many folks who oppose try to minimize
Globally carbon output is in fact so great that it makes the oceans acidify
This in turn disturbs methane pockets located pretty much right under the seabed
When these bubbles escape, it invariably leads to the pace of this process increasing

Overall, unburned methane is significantly worse for the atmosphere than carbon
Don't forget about devastation wrought by industrial agriculture, yes modern farming
See in order to mass produce food, they destroy ecologies with no hesitation
Gone is the biodiversity & the soil's capacity for carbon sequestration

Now this might be depressing, but that's why I'm stressing that the place is here & the time is now
For deliberate action against belligerent fascists, yeah I think you should try this out
& a word of advice, there's rarely a king who has been talked off throne
We need to move now, we need to act, before we destroy our home
Track Name: Sin Patron (Live)
We need community farms and free education
Cop watch on every block, de-colonization
of our minds, our culture and the fruits of our labor
De-commodify our lives and build roots with our neighbors

That'll bloom a garden a immune to the pesticides
Start consuming food that produced with the freshest fly taste
Am I priveledged? It depends on my race
My gender, my class, my sexuality, ability and yes and my face

Fire the bosses and occupy the factories
Organize a general strike, it's gonna be a masterpiece
We need a slave revolt of global proportions
That was not a glitch, not a vocal distortion

This goes out to tax resisters,
soldiers gone AWOL, and my bad ass sisters
Who don't take shorts from the patriarchy
We're out to end all oppression, you can put that on the marquee

Anti-national, anti-capital-ista
Please dump these vampire cannibals
A no-state solution for a gerrymandered world
Sin patron, horizontalidad

Anti-national, anti-capital-ista
Please dump these vampire cannibals
A no-state solution for a gerrymandered world
Sin patron, horizontalidad

Flip over your maps, disorient the axis
North becomes south, south to north, it takes no practice
Cuz honestly, fuck neoliberal hegemony
Corporations and the state combined, that ain't no friend of me

Dependency, on the spectacle of lights
Got you dazed by the day, while arrest you in the night
That's why I'm speaking out to the people that be listening
We need to build a culture of resistance to support our initiatives

Of equality, justice, an end to oppression
Sustainability, see I'm sending a message
To la puebla, the people, divided
Refuse, resist and you'll see me delighted

There are more slaves now than any other point in the past
And more incarcerated in the joint in the last
20 years than the last 200, and
Mass environmental destruction, I see a snafu coming

Anti-national, anti-capital-ista
Please dump these vampire cannibals
A no-state solution for a gerrymandered world
Sin patron, horizontalidad

Anti-national, anti-capital-ista
Please dump these vampire cannibals
A no-state solution for a gerrymandered world
Sin patron, horizontalidad

Blockade the coal plants, tear up the streets
And build windmill farms, document the romance
Cock the heater, hold hands,take aim at the spectacle,
Shots release, controlled blasts, not down with the program,

Got apocalyptic flows yeah, But I don't let my cyncism
get in the way of my honest wish to attack the structures that uphold class
division, as for vision
I see a world without borders, on maps or within them

Them being us, us being we,
an all inclusive entity with trust being key
We're not there yet, it's true I'll admit it
It takes hard work to improve our conditions

But the heart of the message, is different indeed
Passed down from the masters is constituent greed
That we need to attack, colonized minds
Need deprogramming, oh yeah thanks for bringing me back to

Anti-national, anti-capital-ista
Please dump these vampire cannibals
A no-state solution for a gerrymandered world
Sin patron, horizontalidad

Anti-national, anti-capital-ista
Please dump these vampire cannibals
A no-state solution for a gerrymandered world
Sin patron, horizontalidad
Track Name: Hideous
Hideous, that's my description of a system
That awards humanoids solely based on their lineage,
Insidious - The methods employed by the system so vicious
Money for the banks, but not for the city kids

Unreal images of prettiness
My home girls gone smash it to itty bits
I pass them a hammer and a spliff full of sticky shit
The damage so glam, no question if they hit or miss

We're in a predicament
Gonna be a challenge to reverse the conditioning
A history of lies, yes I heard the equivalent
Now grown up, I learned to subvert the official script

But I'm one out of billions
& most of us acting like some god damn idiots
The rich and powerful always acting mad villanous
That lesson isn't one you're gonna find in the syllabus


Lanternicus, ya heard a this merciless personage
Disperse the superfluous with a burst of my verse eclipse
Your bright day now it's a slight gray, Type A
With a circle I play in the rain, write page after page,

Faster chapter crafter with a knack to cast a flame on the shade
Where y'all cats might graze on the cud of complacency,
I nudge you impatiently to come through and wake up please?
I won't ask twice

Speak softly, they can hear us, I got bugs in my skin
Unplugged from the thugs but I shrug & I grin,
Tug of war of the worlds, The rugged torrent unfurls
When I slung my not so subtle syllabic sword at your pearls

Fuck the nicest of amenities, our culture has a crisis of identity
I'm just getting ready for the fight that is ahead of me
& we don't really have much time to waste
Track Name: Black & Red

Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is, black and red
Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is, black and red

Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is
Everytime I hear the radio, I get pissed
Yeah, uh-huh, now that's gumption
Something's missing from the rap game, that's substance

The oil in your whip, and the blood in your diamonds they be
Black and red
When there is trouble on the streets you see that flag be waving
Black and red

Black oil, red blood
One burns and the other spills, & many shrug
I get disgusted everytime I look at y'alls face
These rappers giving props a system that's all fake

They want the oil, that's why they're warring
It's a big ploy, somebody's gotta pay for it
Fuck the system where's my rebels
From the bankers to the bosses, it's all broke on every level

Stop giving props to this bullshit system is what I'm yelling
There's children killing children for your gems and petrol
We need change, so please take part
It ain't easy, let's take it apart


Wars for your diamonds, my hope is in the dust bin
Fuck your lifestyle, this type of bullshit must end
Child soldiers doped up it's a freak show
Killing mixed with speed & h all day makes it hard to sleep though

I reach for, a world without this senseless violence
We need to stop all this, especially the blood for diamonds
& I know you got a shiny slick bracelet
But just know that for your image there's some kid slaving


Fight back like how I’m supposed to do
Agitate for action & build a new world, & oh yeah, here's a dose of truth
kill me, I'll be back like that kenobi dude
Root for teams that uproot regimes

Give props to them cats, ben ali, & musharraf got sacked
Much daps to the North African revolutions, real rap
Let's hope that it spreads, let's make our government fear that
fuck the corporations, lantern circa 86, still crack

Track Name: Tragedy feat. Bob Rok
Every country on the planet's full a junkies and addicts
Evolution? yeah the monkey's have gone fuckin bananas
Others suffer the damage for our disfunctional habits
'Cuz some consider voracious consumption is average

The rich get fat, while millions starve, hungry and famished
This is not new, but it's what we've been handed
The world burns so that a few can live in a comfortable manner
You don't want my opinions, but you punk's are gone have 'em

I have no problem disrupting your comfort with havoc
This life of waste and greed must be abandoned
You'll see that slav - ery, is the foundation upon
Which this wicked system' entire structure is standing

Yes it's much worse than what you'd imagine
Puffing the cabbage, 'cuz it's getting tougher to manages
The earth is on the verge of collapsing & if word is not action
Then we get what we deserve, yeah our herd is gone vanish

It's a tragedy
Environmental catastrophe
Tragedy, tragedy
Whitewashed history
Tragedy, tragedy
Tens of millions in slavery
Tragedy, tragedy

It's a fuckin tragedy, how many species go extinct a day
And 'who cares?' is what most people would think to say
We dine on ignorance and often times we drink decay
& fuckin' rappers still yapping about links & chains

The situation we face won't just be blinked away
We must let dogma die, no longer cling to claims
Stop trusting policians and their assorted winks & waves
& fuck corporations, even though they've convinced you of the biggest craze

Enough to make a cracka crazy, so I sing for slaves
A bullet for every king, let's go dig some graves
Lantern is here yes, I came to bring the flames
Illuminate the path ahead and fly upon the wings of change

While I would certainly prefer to use the ink & page
Not afraid to fight back, yeah I'll sling my blade
So before the north pole becomes a rink to skate
Let's name some names, yes I claim I'm here to bring the pain

It's a tragedy
Racist ass cops
It's a tragedy, tragedy
Unpoliced banks
It's a tragedy, tragedy

[Bob Rok]
Bob Rok, working with the Agents...

I never thank god, I thank Logic
The pope is a joke, devote to make profit
That's why the Vatican runs its own bank
Then turns around and tells you to bow and show thanks

Occupying countries, allowed to show shanks
Fuck that, plain and simple, no thanks
Peep my brain, priests from Spain
You crucifed my relatives and tweaked our names

The only thing you didn't take or rape was blame
That's why the Catholic church is fake and lame
& if it costs me fans, then fuck the fame
That's just another reason I don't trust the game

Here's the Easter, we ressurected racists
The GOP runs this country like a slave ship
That's why you stuck at Days Inn working the grave shift
Work all day for that graveyard paycheck

Asking out loud, "can we have another break yet?"
While the untaxed rich take vacations
No lies, the church closed it's eyes
& looked the other way while the Nazis took lives

And happily took bribes,
While sending west to literally cook tribes
...Watch your step
These crooked motherfuckers will plot your death

And if you don't believe me stop and check
We got the message in the music, rock ya decks
Closing thoughts, fuck your majesty
Class welfare is the true blue tragedy
Track Name: Alienation
I'm lucky cuz the judge didn't say I'm guilty,
resist! til the day they kill me
& this ain't an act or a game, it's real speak
& when I'm done, meet me in the Way that's Milky

Even though I'm vegan, I seek to kill beef,
Develop affinities, not just here to thrill seek
In it for the long haul, titanium,
that's what our will's be made of, but say hey, y'all feel me?

Struggle through conflict as we seek to build peace,
Bumping the bomb shit, while our dreams our wilting
The scales are tilting toward destruction
From the Gulf of Mexico to Nigeria the spills be filthly

& I'm looking at the wealthy &
I see power gone mad for real it fills me
With an anger that I don't know how to keep under the table,
How the hell am I supposed to cope, "just chill, here's a pill B..."

"Just chill here's a pill B..."
How the hell am I supposed to cope?
"Just chill here's a pill B..."
How the hell am I supposed to cope?

Alienation, can not seem to find way of life that works for me
& it doesn't really help that I can already sense a drop in the mercury
Everybody wanna turn to me like I was Hercules, as of right now I'm stranded
In the midst of 3 million I'm standing, & my nerves scream the vultures are circling

I'm alone in the crowd, but told as a child to purchase things
This culture is nurturing our own death, and collapse is a virtual certainty
As long as we be worshipping the dollar over life & an earth that's green
We can place safe bets on our kids not having a place to call home by the turn of the century
Track Name: Colonized Minds
They speak of rags to riches, with no mention of old money
While the rest of us are upwardly mobile like cold honey
If you're not, then you best become conscious of class
Join the struggle to dethrone the pompous and crass

Who tend to lend a a hand to exploitation & torture
Yet they try to paint a portrait making saints outta vultures
Like all these wack rappers getting media hype
When their formulas' more childish than Pedialite

See we're all born to die, the obsolescence was planned
So live while you live, yea, that's the message the grand
Paradox that sits at the essence of man,
so stop the presses supplant depressants

With spiritual convalescence advance past you're pre conceived notions & stereotypes
I doubt that you'd beleive what goes into a pair of your Nikes
In terms of sweatshop labor,
I know you're more concerned with the fresh hot flavor

But let's not, let's not cater to an
Economic vision that depends on slavery
Yeah to all my friends and neighbors
Can I get an amen to say "End that behavior!"

Amen "End that behavior!"
A-womyn "End that behavior!"
A-human "End that behavior!"
Within the dollar sign, no you won't find a savior

colonized minds, swallow lies fine
Role models most felons, do they still qualify prime?
You depressed? Let's go grafin', demolish fine lines
Of fuck it, play some drums, run a mile the guy's fine

I'm aimin these shots at the scholar's mind's pride
Our leaders mostly focus on the dollar sign prize
Religion mostly tries to personify time
Lantern spark the universe's pilot light's shine
Track Name: Buzzkill
Over a billion around the planet are starving & famished
While all of your gadgets & marvelous garments and fabrics
are made by slaves in places where dreams
Whittle down into shards and to fragments

Bank & business pushing carbon capping & trading
Disaster is waiting,
The same system that's dependent on this master & slave shit
Is raping the planet, the cancer is raging

Climate change causing massive displacement
& the people worst affected didn't make this
It's like the house is flooding & we're trapped in the basement
& everyone is drowning & they don't want me to say shit (stay zipped)

Except, that's not how I play kid
This twisted fate - I'd like to think we could escape it
Impatient as each hour passes, it get's worse, it amazing
About to go from statements to ape shit - fuck success

I don't want the money, the cars, or the clothes,
I want the CEOs bloody, or at least to feel the dark pit of cold
Lonliness of a cell or a prison camp
They turn heaven into hell with a finger snap

Pesticides put toxins in every mother's breast milk
How you gonna tell me that this system is the best one built?
Ism comma capital's is a new form of servitude
Where 1 tenth of 1 percent rule it's a perfect ruse

They call the modern form of forced labor freedom
TO me it seems more like a re-run
We don't own much, 'cept the future that we dream of
Where we picture peace, those who tree hug receive love

But hopes and dreams aren't going to catalyze change
Some of us might end up at the battle lines slain
So if they splatter my brains, then at least I died
For a cause, not just a man of high age

If they capture me, you know I finna rattle my cage
There's no where to hide from the satellite's gaze
I won't quit fighting, I won't abandon my page
How you gonna watch the whole movie while trying to analyze frames?

The trees for the forest, they've both been slashed clear
The question looms now can we steer past the crash we're
Headed towards, the answer, that's fear
The game needs changing, I'm the motherfucking cashier

Don't rely on the radio or MTV to tell me what's ill
The product placement in modern media is unreal
And our government is bought by whoever's got enough scrill
& of course those paid by big oil are saying "let's drill!"

In it for a minute and I plan to continue until
The bucket get's kicked, til then I'll let my guts spill
Check the header, we never said this would be fun filled
I guess that's why they call this the motherlovin' buzzkill