The Next Catastrophe

from by Agents of Change

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I see the sun rise & set across the scraped sky
Fear's in my future, yeah I guess it's time to face mine
Sometimes all you need is the kick snare and bassline
And all your insecurities will melt like the glaciers the daytime
For every dope sneak that ever graced the blacktop
There's been somebody slaving, the haves require have nots
& all your favorite rappers has been the fuckin' mascots
But you heard it first from us, this right here's the last stop
My hope is to make this sentiment heard through spacetime
Before your heart get's cold, still it breaks mine
Collision is imminent, I advise you to brace minds
For the years to come do not look sunny, yeah I heard it through the grape vine
That was cleared to make way for the cash crops
Cotton, rubber, sugar, coffee, I'm about to blast off
For real, lick shots, my optimist's compromised
Brown's about to change his first name to John & pop some guys
Pow bang, bang, our problems will still burn inside
Often it seems that our oppression has been internalized
The earth screams, and slaves weep, I heard the cries
Struggle/grind, while we all wait our turn to die
It's funny, I heard money is the root of all evil
But who made that, joe? yeah the truth is all people
Have the potentiality for bad, and good,
That's not even, news to you, but I think that it should be
And damnit Kanye, why'd you stop with George Bush?
The whole system's fucked, we need a large push
In a new way, yeah oughta switch directions
Local organizing mixed with insurrection
To hopefully topple the pyramid scheme
'cuz honestly I'm getting sick of hearing kids scream
& I have to speak, even if they kill or capture me
I can't just wait for the next catastrophe

How you gon' wait?


from How You Gon' Wait?, released December 25, 2013




Agents of Change Chicago, Illinois

Formed in 2005, Agents of Change has charted a course of their own by blending hip-hop, politics, and a DIY punk ethos. The message behind the music has always been simple: educate yourself, challenge authority, demolish injustice and try to have some fun in the process. ... more

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