Robin Hood x John Brown

from by Agents of Change

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There ain't no middle ground, everything is partisan
The personal's political, you gotta have the hardest skin
Sabotage the billboard, deface the magazine
Dispel the illusion, they selling you a fantasy
I'm telling you it's maddening, I'm about to pop off
A clip at all these pop stars, probably I'll get locked up
Yeah he's got a mouth on him, every fuckin' surface got a spot on it
For an ad, oblivion is not far (not far)
Brain death, brain matter, grey matter, splattered on the rocks, God
What a waste, no matter, blame it on a hot dog
Watch where you walk dog
Standing on the lip of the volcano playing hop scotch
Yeah this shit is perilous, America,
The place where if you're Arab you're a terrorist
Black, brown, and even poor folks with the fairest skin
Are food for the carrion, yes the scene is very grim
Basically you fucked unless you're very rich

// Chorus //

Robin Hood, John Brown
Fight back, right now!

Buzzkill on some John Brown shit,
Ski masks & heaters goin' pow pow click
How about now it's, simply time to get wicked
Yeah this whole fucking system needs a round house kick
Slavery is alive if you look for it
But you ain't gonna find it for sure if you ignore it
Y'all only see the twigs it's a big forest
Behind all your new gear there's some kids warring
There's some kids slaving, man this shit's crazy
All these corporations they just wanna get paid see
They don't really care if the land is trashed
As long as rich people get their gadgets fast
Make's a cracker wanna go grab his ratchet blast back
& reload, ampersand stand back & laugh
Buzz killer warpath can't hack my math
Record labels scam, push hazard to a fragile mass

// Chorus //

Steal from the rich, give to the poor
Break your chain, kill your master


from How You Gon' Wait?, released December 25, 2013




Agents of Change Chicago, Illinois

Formed in 2005, Agents of Change has charted a course of their own by blending hip-hop, politics, and a DIY punk ethos. The message behind the music has always been simple: educate yourself, challenge authority, demolish injustice and try to have some fun in the process. ... more

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