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Hideous, that's my description of a system
That awards humanoids solely based on their lineage
Insidious, the methods that's employed this system
So vicious, money for the banks & not for the city kids
Unreal images of prettiness
My home girls gone smash it all to itty bits
I pass them a hammer, & a spliff full of sticky shit
The damage so glam, no question if they hit or miss
Yes, we're in a predicament
It's gonna be a challenge to reverse the conditioning
A history of lies, yes I heard the equivalent
Now grown up I've learned to subvert the official script
Yup, but I'm one out of billions
And most of us are acting like some god damn idiots
The rich and powerful always acting mad villainous
This lesson isn't one you're gonna find in the syllabus

// Chorus //

All I see, all I see is hideous

Lanternicus, you heard of this merciless personage
Disperse with the superfluous with a burst of my verse
Eclipse your bright day, with a slight grey
Type A with a circle, might play in the rain, write page after page
A faster chapter crafter with a knack to cast a flame
On shade where y'all cats might graze
On the cud of complacency, I nudge you impatiently
To come through and wake up please, I won't ask twice
Speak softly, they can hear us, I've got bugs in my skin
Unplugged from the thugs, but I shrug and I grin
Tug of war of the worlds, my rugged torrent unfurls
When I slung my no so subtle syllabic sword at your pearls
Fuck the nicest of amenities,
It seems our culture has a crisis of identity,
I'm getting ready for the fight that is ahead of me,
Getting read for the fight that is ahead of me
This shit is fucking hideous

// Chorus //


from How You Gon' Wait?, released December 25, 2013




Agents of Change Chicago, Illinois

Formed in 2005, Agents of Change has charted a course of their own by blending hip-hop, politics, and a DIY punk ethos. The message behind the music has always been simple: educate yourself, challenge authority, demolish injustice and try to have some fun in the process. ... more

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